A woman samurai

Yamabuki, a warlord’s only surviving child, trained in sword and bow, on a discreet mission to the Imperial Capital…

“Cold Blood not only shows you the beginning of Yamabuki’s story as a teenage Samurai, it also contrasts her life to that of the woman she would have been had she not opted to tread the warrior’s path. That draws out one of the best elements of historical fiction which is when it educated as well as entertains … You don’t write an excellent story by accident. I highly recommend Cold Blood.”
Carlyle Clark
Heroines of Fantasy
“Daijobu! Excellent book. A must read for lovers of Samurai adventures.”
Hon Baka
Amazon review
“Once this series is complete, it will rank with Buffy the Vampire Slayers seasons 8, 9, etc. as a heroic female adventure worth waiting for one installment at a time.”
Nina Wouk
Amazon review
“A super-interesting narrative, place, and plot — I can't stop. It's just that fun… The author has done this incredible job of research into the customs, culture, and values of the time, place, and characters … with such detail, craft & beauty… the details of the warrior armor, the fight sequences, the beliefs of the characters… By the end of the book, you'll definitely feel like you've immersed yourself in history, and had a good time of it.”
Jay Batson
Goodreads review of Cold Heart