This is the official website of Katherine M. Lawrence, author of the Sword of the Taka Samurai book series about Yamabuki, a young woman samurai who lived in 12th-century Japan. 

A woman samurai

In ancient Japan—a land of stunning beauty and unspeakable brutality, in a time when gods walked among mortals—Yamabuki, a warlord’s only surviving child, trained in sword and bow, embarks on a secret mission to Heian-kyō, the imperial capital…

Veiled in the guise of an ordinary warrior, not even revealing that she is female, she travels not as a princess but with the common people, only to find that many are not who they seem. Some want her dead. Others want her because she’s a woman. She must fight for her honor, her duty, and her clan.

Much blood will be spilled before it is over.

“Once this series is complete, it will rank with Buffy the Vampire Slayers seasons 8, 9, etc. as a heroic female adventure worth waiting for one installment at a time.”
Nina Wouk
Amazon review of Cold Rain
“A terrific read! Three female Warriors and a one eyed shinobi priest! Wow!”
Amazon review of Cold Heart
“I love me some Yamabuki. She's a strong young female Samurai in a man's world, and she takes a back seat to no one… Some of the things I enjoy most are Yamabuki's pithy humor, the dialogue that takes me right back to the era, and the insights into political intrigue in a time Other Than 2016 America. And I absolutely love her horse, Mochizuki, who is becoming almost an extension of her own personality as she shares her deepest thoughts and best jokes with him.”
Amazon review of Cold Rain
“I was taken back in time to an era before the Sengoku Jidai, which is refreshing since it seems that is the time period movies/literature tend to focus on exclusively as far as Samurai are concerned. The world is beautifully depicted, the characters are vivid and I never wanted to stop reading for a moment - I needed to see more of Ancient Japan! I'll definitely be picking up the other books of the series.”
Amazon review of Cold Blood
Cold Blood not only shows you the beginning of Yamabuki’s story as a teenage Samurai, it also contrasts her life to that of the woman she would have been had she not opted to tread the warrior’s path. That draws out one of the best elements of historical fiction which is when it educated as well as entertains … You don’t write an excellent story by accident. I highly recommend Cold Blood.”
Carlyle Clark
Heroines of Fantasy review of Cold Blood
“Daijobu! Excellent book. A must read for lovers of Samurai adventures.”
Amazon review of Cold Rain
“A super-interesting narrative, place, and plot — I can't stop. It's just that fun… The author has done this incredible job of research into the customs, culture, and values of the time, place, and characters … with such detail, craft & beauty… the details of the warrior armor, the fight sequences, the beliefs of the characters… By the end of the book, you'll definitely feel like you've immersed yourself in history, and had a good time of it.”
Jay Batson
Goodreads review of Cold Heart
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