Hello Wiscon,

In light of Wisconsin’s recent attack on LGBTQ health coverage, Toot Sweet Inc will not be attending ANY events whatever in Wisconsin and that, alas, that includes Wiscon.  We will not lend any financial support to such a State. Same with North Carolina. Same with Indiana, and any other state that discriminates against LGBTQ+.

I did a reading at last year conference and though the sessions were great. I was hoping to read from my upcoming woman samurai book, “Cold Heart.”

If Wiscon relocated to an LGBTQ friendly state, or if Wisconsin reverses its discriminatory policies, we will of course immediately reconsider our decision.

Alas, the Wisconsin situation. A beautiful state with some very fine people who I know are not to blame.

Hastily yours,

Katherine M. Lawrence author — “Sword of the Taka Samurai” series