Taking Pre-orders for Cold Heart

I expect to beat the March 16th date, but have set it at that so that I don’t disappoint. The Yamabuki story takes a turn as she enters a bandit town, Minesaki, in Nagato Prefecture, where she meets none other than the Rising Sun General, which brings unexpected consequences. http://www.amazon.com/dp/0991266773

14 December 2014 · Katherine M. Lawrence

Yamabuki’s poem at the Barrier Strait

The Tale of Genji was written in the late 900s C.E. by a woman known to history by the name Murasaki. The work is considered by many to be the earliest novel ever written. The author was believed to have been a lady in the emperor’s court and her observations are said to be a thinly disguised fictionalization of the people she knew. Most people who are familiar with Japanese literature will say the work is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, work in Japanese literature....

28 November 2014 · Katherine M. Lawrence

Who is the woman hero?

The Yamabuki series is inspired by a 12th-century woman chronicled in historic writings of the times. It is said Yamabuki was beautiful and that she accompanied Yoshinaka, The Rising Sun General, and Tomoe Gozen, a more famous woman warrior on their adventures and into battle. Some accounts even say she was a general who led troops into ferocious battles. In writing I hoped as much as possible to avoid setting the action in Tokugawa era, which is familiar to many fans of historic Japan....

27 November 2014 · Katherine M. Lawrence

Looking for alpha readers

I have the first chapter of my new Yamabuki novel, Broken Sword, finished. It just under 20,000 words (long chapter). Looking for readers who might want to give feedback. The total novel runs ~100,000 words. Appreciate it. Kate

26 July 2014 · Katherine M. Lawrence

Lancelot and Tammy

Getting the name right to get the right feeling across.

18 July 2014 · Katherine M. Lawrence