A woman samurai

In ancient Japan—a land of stunning beauty and unspeakable brutality, in a time when gods walked among mortals—Yamabuki, a warlord’s only surviving child, trained in sword and bow, embarks on a secret mission to Heian-kyō, the imperial capital…

Veiled in the guise of an ordinary warrior, not even revealing that she is female, she travels not as a princess but with the common people, only to find that many are not who they seem. Some want her dead. Others want her because she’s a woman. She must fight for her honor, her duty, and her clan.

Much blood will be spilled before it is over.

Cold Saké cover
Cold Saké: Yamabuki vs. the Undead
Cold Blood cover
Cold Heart: Yamabuki vs. the Sword Master
Cold Rain cover
Cold Heart: Yamabuki and the Warlord Prince
Cold Heart cover
Cold Heart: Yamabuki vs. the Shinobi Priest
Cold Cold Trail cover
Cold Heart: Yamabuki and Tomoe

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