How Did the Yamabuki Series Come Into Being?

Ever stare at the shelves at a bookstore or your own home library and think, “I wish there was a novel where the main character was [fill in the blank] and did [fill in the blank] but there’s no book like that. Hmmm. Why, in fact, if such a book existed, I would read it!” The next thing is the character takes shape in the person’s mind and the “adventures” of the character start to take form and soon you start writing the book you wished someone would write....

14 March 2018 · Katherine M. Lawrence

If Women Hold Up Half the Sky, Why Are They Not Heard?

In 1980, China had paid lip service to women by saying “women hold up half the sky.” Yet when the United Nations declared the 1980’s “The Decade of Women,” we wondered if things were any different here versus elsewhere? While men of one nation squared off against men of another nation, the women’s stake in the struggle seemed different and even vague. Is a woman whose rights are denied in the name of Islam all that different from a woman whose rights are denied in the name of Christ?...

29 July 2005 · Katherine M. Lawrence

I was blogging before blogging was cool

On July 9, 1978, a Women’s Suffrage banner that had rarely been seen outside of a museum since the 1920’s, once again saw the light day. Old and venerable, the purple and gold colors of the National Women’s Party moved down the Capital Mall as over 100,000 of us stepped into herstory. Dressed all in white-the suffragist colors-we marched to peaceably ask for an extension on the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)....

28 July 2005 · Katherine M. Lawrence