From typewriters to the stars

A father found his old typewriter in the garage. He had some insurance forms that had to be filled out on originals in triplicate. His seven year old son was amazed by the typewriter. “What is it?” The father tried various ways of explaining it and finally said. “It’s a printer.” I type on these …

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Personal media versus mass media

Shigeru Miyagawa, Professor of Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, discusses “Personal Media” on 17 minute streaming video [link updated] in part one of a series entitled “Media, Education, and the Marketplace.” Professor Miyagawa’s insights are fascinating and dovetail with the role that the founders of pingV have envisioned. Professor Miyagawa speaks of …

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The Power of the Web

Executive Summary Companies are losing money and customers through poorly conceived internet marketing efforts. Today firms are using the internet to market existing products to existing customers in the existing way. The results are lukewarm, at best. To succeed, firms might be wise to look at new ways to get new customers with new products. …

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