Film Score Composer John Horner Killed in Plane Crash

It is very sad to hear that composer John Horner was killed when his light plane crashed yesterday, June 22, 2015. Many remember his scores for Avatar and Titanic, but over the last several weeks, with my headphones on, I had listened to his score for The Hunger Games and A Beautiful Mind as I worked on my latest novel. I was inspired by Horner’s music in writing many of the passages in my story....

23 June 2015 · Katherine M. Lawrence

D is for Determination

How do I determine if I have enough determination? What deters me from showing full determination? It is to my detriment when my determination flags. Lack of determination derails me; it derails my writing; it derails all those lofty goals that I hold out for myself. Determination is illusive. I can’t order it up at breakfast like a glass of orange juice, and be set for the day. Determination has its own ebb and flow that are tied to my own biorhythms....

4 April 2014 · Katherine M. Lawrence