Rethinking the LAMP stack — Drupal Disruptive Open Source Part 2

Is Drupal a Disruptive Technology? What if Harvard College takes on Notre Dame in football. Of course we can beat them; after all, they’re only men. —Professor Harry H. Hansen, Harvard Business School, on understanding the limits of the possible. There is a lot of talk, some would say hype, about Drupal being enterprise-ready. Certainly Drupal is no piker system. From a relatively unknown Content Management System (CMS), Drupal has burst on the scene and now accounts for one-percent of all websites, which to some might seems small until we stop to think how big the web is....

2 December 2010 · Katherine M. Lawrence

Drupal Disruptive Open Source: Part I — From Brobdingnag to Lilliput

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5 July 2010 · Katherine M. Lawrence

From typewriters to the stars

A father found his old typewriter in the garage. He had some insurance forms that had to be filled out on originals in triplicate. His seven year old son was amazed by the typewriter. “What is it?” The father tried various ways of explaining it and finally said. “It’s a printer.” I type on these keys. The flat panel monitor takes up little space. The laser printer is light and sits nearby....

19 August 2005 · Katherine M. Lawrence

Yellow Pages, the Internet, and Browsers

Some people might say that the yellow pages are the original business data base. Researchers of business history find these time capsules buried in such places as Baker Library at the Harvard Business School. They are a fascinating snapshot of what people once bought and sold. The Yellow Pages, a history The first yellow pages were not yellow at all. They appeared in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1878 and contained no phone numbers....

1 June 2005 · Katherine M. Lawrence

The Power of the Web

Executive Summary Companies are losing money and customers through poorly conceived internet marketing efforts. Today firms are using the internet to market existing products to existing customers in the existing way. The results are lukewarm, at best. To succeed, firms might be wise to look at new ways to get new customers with new products. ___________________ The Power of the Web Clayton Christensen’s book The Innovator’s Dilemma rocked conventional business thinking when it came out in 1997....

20 March 2005 · Katherine M. Lawrence