What distinguishes a well-written female protagonist from a poorly-written one?

What are some common mistakes? When do they go right?

24 February 2018 · Katherine M. Lawrence

Samurai Armor of the Yamabuki era

The armor was light, which allowed the warrior to move, and heavy enough to withstand arrows.

17 January 2015 · Katherine M. Lawrence
In a scene from Excalibur, Arthur gazes at the sword in the stone

Dealing with the Fantastical in a Novel

Historic fiction is a slippery slope. I am currently writing about Japan in the historic period in and around the Gempei War—a war of historic record. My main character is Yamabuki, a female warrior, a person who is recorded in some annals, but whose life is almost unknown. How much can a writer make up while entertaining her audience, while staying more or less faithful to the period? Some writers will go completely around this problem....

15 January 2014 · Katherine M. Lawrence